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3/4 Newsletter Term 2




Hello Students, Parents and Carers,

This Term in Inquiry we have been learning about Space.

For Homework in Weeks 8-10 students will be designing and creating a diorama. They can choose from one of the topics covered in our Inquiry Rotations or a topic learnt in class. 

Students will have picked their topic in class as they will be writing an information booklet at school to match their diorama.

Attached below is the design brief with the list of topics and ideas to help you get  started!

Here are some websites you can visit to get further ideas on how to make a diorama:

On the 28th of June between 2.40pm & 3.20pm we will have an Inquiry Expo in the 3/4 classrooms for family and friends to view the final projects!

We would love to see you there! 

The diorama is due on Monday 25th of June.

We hope you have a great week! If there are any questions or issues regarding the diorama, please see your teacher.


Thank you,


Happy Home Learning!

 From the 3/4 team




 Term 2 Week 8-10



Spelling: Choose 1-2 Spelling Activities Each Week

Spelling Choice Board

Spelling Week 8 'au' Words

Diorama Design Brief Due Monday 25th June

Design Brief


Homework Due Mondays

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